Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wow... Just wow!

That was one of my facebook updates yesterday. It's pretty funny when you post simple things like that.
Your typical responses... ???.... what??... are you pregnant?
for the record... no, i'm not.

Long story short...We (the hubby and I) have re-evaluated our future.  We talked... thought... and did calculations, and equations and ...

We're buying a house. 

We've found one we like, and we're going for it. 
We had a few things we were looking for... 
decent size kitchen. 
room for my office
and a back yard bigger then 6 feet deep.

so we found one.
we're put an offer on it.
we'll have to see...

The down side... we'll have to switch to the new school. 
The upside... we'll be walking to school... and it will take about 6 min... maybe.


And in other news...
I'm doing well on weight watchers...down another 4 lbs this week...

And my anxiety is very slowly getting better. I can get back down to walmart.

That's my update.
Carry on.

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