Monday, February 13, 2012

We're moving!

Yep. you heard right.
We're moving.  It's a brand new (former show home) not far from where we are now.
It's a 4 bedroom great room plan with an unfinished basement.
It will be an interesting transition.
The kids are excited to move, but it makes me wonder a bit.

Even though it's not far i make frequent trips over to it.
I need to ensure i'm comfortable with it's location (10 min from here!)
I'm sure i'll be fine.

so... without further ado...

So excited!


  1. Congrats Crystal! It's a beautiful house.

  2. Definitely having a chick party at least! I need a bunch of stuff so i'm hoping to have a pampered chef/epicure/ house party ;) end of march ish/ beginning of april