Sunday, January 23, 2011


   Ahhh.... Organization can be a beautiful thing. Even in small doses it does a world of good. A small peace to chaos.
Today, Sunday. Nothing to do but hold down chairs and chill out. Not me!!! I went for it. Opening packs of random papers. 
Kits. Sets. Stacks.  It was all out in the open and holy crap was there ever a lot of it. So after sorting threw everything I ended up with 3 very organized bins filled with tabbed hanging 12x12 file folders. One holds solids, mostly Bazzill and Making memories paper, although some Stamping up made it's way in. One holds Patterned paper, sorted by most dominant colour. Lastly, the "Theme" paper bin. Halloween, Christmas, boy, girl, kid, floral and vintage. Yes, i have a separate folder for vintage style paper. Eventually i Plan on woking on a family tree/book of me project. Having this 
pre-sorted I think, Will Make that a bit easter. Thank and i like to look at it. Reminiscent of the past. Damasks, some florals, things that i would envision on the walls of my great grandmothers' parlour room.
 I don't know if she did.... But that's a different matter.

Here's a closer look at just the solid paper bin.
Yes, most of them have silly little pictures.
All are written in coloured sharpie markers.
I love sharpie markers. I find them to be the be all end all of markers, the fact that i have about 20 different colours of them.... likely makes me insane.
As long as they are kept out of the hands of princess and bubby it's all good.


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Seriously?….. January 15, 2011

So it sits… my office… in a fairly close state to where it was. Now, i’ve gotten down there a few times. But the more I try the more i realize it’s a futile effort. between sprownie stuff and the kids it’s a disaster on a good day.
I read somewhere “Cleaning the house while your kids are still growing is like shovelling the walk before it stops snowing.”
So true.
i think i should get rid of the toys… or the kids :)

Operation Organization

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Operation Organization January 4, 2011

So… Challenge number 1….
Isen’t it obvious?  I mean, where the hell is the desk top? So while I have a SHORT time between new years and when sprownies (code word for my spark and brownie groups that run back to back) starts, I’m going to try to clean up my office. I love the small square where my laptop can sit.
There’s a window there, that’s covered in wondrous piles of random crap.
There’s the fancy new printer copier fax in the corner that you can’t see because it has a binder on it.
What you don’t see in this picture is the 2 shelves and pantry unit just to the right of the picture that i’m pretty sure has not even 1 square inch of free space. Things randomly stacked, shoved and smooshed in to what tiny space I can get it in.
So I guess here is where I start. Organize my office before i organize my life. I find when my office is a mess my brain gets cluttered for sprownies. When that happens, it steam rolls.
SO… I challange you to do the same. Take a picture of your office/craft room and post a link in the comments section.
Be sure to tune in next week for operation organize…. the sequel.

New Year, New Project

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New Year, New Project January 2, 2011 

Ya, like i needed another project right?
Originally this blog started as a way to showcase some sneak peaks of some of my photography clients. But, since I never remember to get them up…this year my blog is taking on a whole new meaning.

While reading the Province newspaper this afternoon I found myself reading my “yearly”  horoscope. Now, I have never really relied much on what my horoscope tells me. Like most things i read, it is taken with a grain of salt. However one thing stood out to me in such a way that I felt the need to act on it.
“I am happiest using my powers to benefit others.”
Now, First things first. About me…
I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mother.
I take my daughter to dance, and soon, my son to hockey.
I am a spark leader, a brownie leader and a district commisioner with the Girl guides of Canada.
I am a PAC mom, and help there when I can, both in the elementary school and in the preschool.
I train my dog pepper, in agility with hopes that we will be ready to trial late next year.
I love to cook, scrapbook, make cards and photograph people.
I live a battle each and every day with an anxiety disorder that has left me housebound and praying for an end.
Every day I get one step closer to freedom.
I am me.