Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a new day

Today i'm not talking about my "issues". (how about we just call it that for now)
see... already talked about it too much.

So, i'm back on weight watchers. I have to be.
I haven't been to a meeting yet. I was going to go with my sister last Saturday but nephew was sick, and it just didn't happen.

I haven't been great at tracking. I never have been.
Something about writing down everything you eat makes you accountable for it. But that's the point isent' it? I have so far found that i've been a little more conscious of what i'm eating. today i started tracking again. Looked up a few recipes to try this week. (not like i can go anywhere) (see.... them issues sneak in everywhere)

tonight ~ balsamic chicken with mushrooms and brown rice (brown rice is a power food = more fibre = more filling)

tomorrow i'm eyeing a cabbage casserole

this should be fun.

off to the elliptical for the next 5 min.
yep. 5 min is about all i can do.
but look at it's this way

it's 5 more min then i did this time last week.

carry on.

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