Thursday, April 12, 2012

sick as sick can be.

If you take nothing from this post, take only this.
When a Dr gives you 10 days worth of antibiotics to take, take the whole 10 days!
Don't get mixed up in life and forget.

It's been a bit. I know that.

So the move was sucsessful. Apart from my office which will move over in pieces I assume, everything got moved and set up fairly quickly.  The kids got their rooms painted and all set up. Even our garage has shelving and GASP! I can park in it!

After spring break the kids went back to school.
By wednesday. WHAM! HOw the heck did I get strep throat??
By friday, I was pretty sure it was going to kill me! (this is when i start the antibiotics)
Hubby follows suit shortly after, then ethan...
Wait. What?
Ethan dosen't have strep... he has ANOTHER ear infection.... sigh. but since he's going on antibiotics, we figure it will cut the strep off at the pass and we'll be spared one whiny soul.
As for ani... nothing, nadda, ziltch.
Perfectly healthy. (happy dance)

Forward to wednesday...
Scratch scratch scratch...   what the heck?

Scarlet fever!

Oh yes, you read that right.
Turns out scarlet fever is the same bacteria as strep throat (group A strep) and turns up in approximately 10% of all cases. Who knew.

I don't know what's worse... the itch or the fact that being sick again is triggering my anxiety up again.

Been a long few weeks.

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